a native token

The $KNOW powers innovative technology for the new knowledge economy.

Know Token - OKP4
Know Token - OKP4

About the $KNOW

The $KNOW token is not traded anywhere yet & OKP4 is not doing any public sale.

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Fee token

Just like ETH for Ethereum and BTC for Bitcoin, you hold your $KNOW in a wallet and spend it when you want to use OKP4.

Wallet Illustration - OKP4

Medium of exchange

The $KNOW token is the primary medium of exchange within the OKP4 ecosystem. It is needed if you want to access data and services provided by OKP4 and its network of participants.

Staking possibilities

Staking enables you to participate in consensus and secure the network if you delegate to the right validators.

It gives you an income from your $KNOW tokens thanks to block rewards, fees and income from network activity. The $KNOW can also be liquid-staked…

Silver Coins Token - OKP4


Your staked tokens give you the right to vote on any on-chain governance proposal. This way you can affect many things, like blockchain parameters, revenue mechanisms, DAO treasury spending…

Governance Mechanism Illustration - OKP4

& Many More

The $KNOW token is also used for many other purposes, like staking on your services to give insurance for consumers, bet on datasets & services as a curator to give awareness and get a portion of the rewards, bring liquidity on DEXs to get rewards…

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