The OKP4 universe

The Dataverse is an ever-expanding universe comprised of all the Datasets, Algorithms, Software, Storage resources, Computation resources, Identity management solutions, workflow engines, oracles, and many other resources referenced in the blockchain.

Crystal Ball Universe - OKP4

Let's build the dataverse

OKP4 is a general-purpose Ecosystem that enables XaaS (Anything as a Service) integration. Anything that is presented to the Protocol as a Service, whatever it does, wherever it is hosted or deployed, whoever provides it, can be used by the Protocol. Therein lies the integration power of the protocol, which brings infinite scalability and extensibility to the distributed Dataverse.

Mystic Forest Illustration - OKP4

Connecting the web2 world with OKP4

All existing off-chain services are supported by the Protocol:


Any dataset or data stream can be shared


Any algorithm or software application can be shared


Any kind of existing cloud infrastructure can be leveraged


Leverage OKP4 within any existing cloud infrastructure

Blockchain network - OKP4

Expanding the dataverse with on-chain synergies

Thanks to IBC (Inter Blockchain Communication), integrate any resources from other ecosystems and become the hub for on-chain enabled synergies, for examples:

Storage resources from

Computation from

Zone governance from any existing token

An elegant architecture, for an abundant ecosystem

OKP4 is based on a fully decentralized, open and agnostic architecture, which is:

Scalable icon - OKP4


designed to scale to infinity

Interoperable icon - OKP4


ensure maximum integration with existing and future services

Auditable icon - OKP4


provide a complete topology of the Ecosystem recorded as an ontology on-chain

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