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The Dataverse Gateways include all the applications, web or mobile, wired with the protocol to offer a wide range of services exploiting the decentralized resources of the dataverse, among which:

Bi Applications Illustration Dataverse Gateways - OKP4


Any web or mobile app can leverage resources from the dataverse and contribute back to it. From a company-operated business intelligence app to a DAO-owned chatbot interface.

Portal Illustration Dataverse Gateways - OKP4

A web portal

Navigate and explore the dataverse: a catalog of Zones, Datasets and Services, create Zones, contribute with your own resources, build workflows and more...

Wallets Illustration Dataverse Gateways - OKP4


Use any compatible wallet to manage assets and identities, and to interact with the Dataverse without any trusted intermediary.

Blockchain Explorers Illustration Dataverse Gateways - OKP4

Blockchain explorers

View, search and verify the contents and activities on the OKP4 blockchain.

Protocol Book - OKP4
Protocol Book - OKP4
Protocol Book - OKP4
Protocol Book - OKP4
Protocol Book - OKP4
Portal Card - OKP4
Dataset Register Card - OKP4
Catalog Card - OKP4
Workflow Builder Card - OKP4
Application Card - OKP4
Ontology Database Card - OPK4
Blockchain Explorer Card - OKP4
Api Card - OPK4
Wallets Card - OKP4
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