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ØKP4 Protocol

ØKP4 protocol is a community-run technology powering many Data Spaces and the KNØW cryptocurrency (coming soon).

Join a Data Space that fits your interests. Or create one on your own terms.

The protocol is compliant and interconnected to other blockchains thanks to COSMOS

A fully decentralized,
open-source and
auditable protocol

The powerful instrument of tokenomics : the KNØW token

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News & Docs

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2018 - 2020

Ideas & Plans


First usecases


The takeoff



2018 - 2020

  • The idea is born - OKP4 SAS creation
  • Preliminary market research & ideation
  • Feasability study & initial concept developments
  • Development of essential OKP4 algorithms & services – data sharing, privacy-preserving techniques, data analysis & data visualization
  • B2B proof of concept


  • First B2B commercial usecases: private ecosystems in agriculture and logistics
  • Launch of many projects on private blockchain networks, such as CROP
  • OKP4 GmbH subsidiary in Munich to facilitate
  • Team growth & structuration (8 -> 20 full-time team)
  • Cosmos adoption: toward decentralization


  • Core blockchain developments (minting, stacking, slashing…)
  • Test phase I - Private Testnet launch
  • Open sourcing of protocol developments


  • Core blockchain developments (token generation, security, API functions, governance…)
  • Core ecosystem development connected to the blockchain (workflow engine, event streaming, orchestration system…)
  • Core concept developments – knowledge graph, tokenomics & model, mechanism design
  • Community tools: discord, medium, twitter
  • Branding


  • Core blockchain developments (custom modules, identity & access management, business model design…)
  • OKP4 seed round conducted
  • Devnet launch + faucet launch
  • First public Data Space release on devnet (Rhizome)
  • Tools & documentation release to interact & contribute (wallet, dataverse portal, knowledge graphs, catalogs)
  • Creation of OKP4 Foundation
  • Whitepaper v1.0 release
  • Community building begins
  • Advisor program launch
  • Validator program launch


  • Tools & documentation release to build custom Data Spaces and next-gen dApps (SDK)
  • Incentivized testnet launch
  • Builders program launch
  • Launch of Community Calls & events


  • Growth strategy phase 1 ends (builders-focused) - key tech integrations & partnerships announced
  • Ambassadors and influencers program launch
  • Many Data Spaces on testnet – strategic DAO-powered Data Spaces released to onboard users & community.
  • Public sale


  • Mainnet Launch
  • Listing on DEXs & CEXs
  • Launch of monthly DAO grants providing community funding for growth & sustainability
  • Airdrop


  • Interoperability & synergies through IBC, cross-chain partnerships and usecases launched on mainnet
  • Global hackathon, conferences, and events
  • OKP4 SAS becomes a DASP: opens the gate for new, scalable B2B usecases.


  • Growth strategy phase 2 ends (adoption-focused) – next-gen usecases launched
  • Whitepaper v2 release
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Emmanuel Aldeguer

Christophe Camel

Marine Dechamp-Guillaume
Chief Project Manager

Laval Jacquin

Théo Pelliet
Head of Blockchain Ecosystem

Frederic Vilcot
Front-End Lead Developer

Arnaud Mimart
Cloud Architect

Adrien Touzouli
Full Stack Developer

Nicolas Peron
Full Stack Developer

Benjamin Deneux
Full Stack Developer

Lauren Olivier
Front-End Developer

Thibault Turpin
Management Controller and Decentralized Finance Manager

Héni Ghariani
Project Manager

Gabriel Mengin
Project Manager

Nour Elhouda Kired
Data Scientist

Damien Sonneville
Data Scientist

Julien Massonnat
Marketing & Communication Manager

Lucas Prezelin
Business Development Manager

Louis Marline
Business Developer DACH

Tatiana Aldeguer
Office Manager

Joakim Eriksson
Junior Developer

Jean-Yves Roux-Levrat
Business Development Advisor

Jeremy Legon
Junior IT and Devs Assistant